• ROW80 - Round 2 - Check-in (June, 14 2020)

    Hi everyone! 

    This week was mostly about surviving, I guess. After Hubby dislocated his shoulder, things became difficult. It took 4 days for his shoulder to feel better, but his back is still killing him, so lots of question marks there.

    As far as writing is concerned, I did not start anything new but I did share my short story with beta-readers. I should get most feedback in the coming week.

    Color code:

    0-10% in red
    11-24% in pink
    25-39% in orange
    40-59% in yellow
    60-99% in green
    100% in flashy green
    Normally, there's also blue for progress and pause in purple, but right now i'll focus on numbers and only goals where progress has been made.

    Now for this week:


    I reread "Hour of the wolf once and I was so tired it was not entirely efficient. No other writerly things so far.

    "Hour of the Wolf" (revising): 17%


    I started the cross-referencing document I had been putting off & I also started making the first tutorial on my list, though it's taking more time than I had anticipated (I was hoping to complete it yesterday but couldn't).

    Quality Certification:

    New documents: 79%
    Tutorials: 1%


    I'm almost done with the pre-release marketing.

    Curiouser & Curiouser: 81%


    Not much done this week, especially after Wednesday.


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    Dimanche 14 Juin à 22:43

    Glad his shoulder is better

      • Lundi 15 Juin à 07:54

        Thanks Fallon!

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