• ROW80 - Round 3 - Check-in 6 (July, 26th 2020)

    Hi everyone!

    This weekend, the girls are staying with their grandparents, so we can focus on ourselves and relax. Of course, I'm also going to write, and hopefully wrap-up the first draft of episode 1 today.

    The original idea was to spend yesterday cleaning while they were gone (always easier when they are not around to untidy what we've just tidied) but we ended up chatting and relaxing. In the end, we really needed to chill, so today is going to be a little bit more about housework but mostly about resting.

    I notice I usually can do quite a lot but there's always a day when I just need to stop completely and just go with the flow. Not sure if there's a cycle there or if it's after accumulating a certain amount of work and exhaustion, but it always happens at some point. I used to stress over not doing anything really prodcutive for a day, but now I accept it's part of my process and probably the way my body keeps me sane.

    How about you? How often do you need to have a real day off? Let me know in the comments.

    Color code:

    0-10% in red
    11-24% in pink
    25-39% in orange
    40-59% in yellow
    60-99% in green
    100% in flashy green
    Normally, there's also blue for progress and pause in purple, but right now i'll focus on numbers and only goals where progress has been made.

    Now for this week: 

    WRITING: I'll focus on one project mainly while following completed ones.

    "Hour of the Wolf": If the publisher does not decide to release it as part of the collection, I'll probably make it a freebie (ebook and Wattpad). I'm guessing they'll make a decision soon as their collection is to be released in November, so I'll adjust this goal accordingly once I hear from them. 

    Sci-fi erotica series Miss Chief in Wonderland: I started writing again and would like to have a few short stories ready for publication in 2021 or 2022. Finally wrting again. =D

    • Plan season 1
    • Draft episode 1 (July): 67%
    • Expand episode 5
    • Draft episode 7 (September)
    • Draft episode 8 (August)
    • Draft episode 9
    • Reorganize episodes

    WORK: Lots to do here! I'll try and get as much done as possible, though I expect life to keep getting in the way as it has lately. 

    Promotion: Over the summer, Hubby and I will build a communication strategy to get more business our way in September (since the summer is always slow). 12%

    Online courses: I'll focus on making online tests as I can use it immediately with current student, then I'll go back to making the lessons. Hubby and I will also take a look at a new theme for my business website and also upgrade the webhost (which means my writer's site will be hosted there too). 2 this week.

    • Website stuff : upgrade host, new theme, LMS stuff... 
    • English - Starters: make tests 24%
    • English - Elementary: make tests 22%
    • English - Pre-intermediate: make tests 22%
    • Hanashimashou: resume making contents ASAP

    Quality certification: I can take it easy now but I'll keep doing bite-size tasks weekly.

    • cross-referencing document: I'll finish it during the Round. 27%
    • tutorials: I'll keep making them, aiming at 2-4 a month, depending on how much material and preparation is needed. 20%

    Story Time: I'll keep making baby steps weekly, mostly preparatory work.

    • Wizard & Cat: signpost at least 1 episode a week. 24%
    • Timmy & the Hungry Monster: make a general plan, list the language, list the material. listing the language/ 100%. Next step: making flashcards.

    PUBLISHING: I'll mostly market my books, old and new.

    Curiouser & Curiouser (my debut novel, in French only for now): I'll keep track of reviews and sales, while marketing the book some more. 

    Red Hot Spring (English): I'll make the final preparations to publish in August and market. 71%

    We Missed Each Other (English): I'll start making preparations once Red Hot Spring is ready. 34%

    PERSONAL: We'll do some damage control and try and get help while Hubby is stuck with pain in his back. 

    House renovation: that's the big question mark as most of the things that need to be done require Hubby or help. In the meantime, we'll focus on what contractors are supposed to do.

    • parental suite: still aiming at finishing it this year if we can. For this Round, sealing the tiles in the bathroom would be nice. And why not buy the wooden floor for the bedroom and threshold? 45% We sealed the tiles on Monday and started working on the other bathroom (see below). We might get a contractor to help us move forward while Hubby can't do heavy lifting.
    • insulation: we need to get the contractor sent by the insurance company to come and the other ones to give us their estimates.
    • original bathroom: 33% we were supposed to take out the carpeting yesterday but decided we needed a day off instead. So probably next week.

    Housework: I'll mostly try and keep up what's been settled last Round. Maybe add a couple of new rooms (namely the porch entrance & workshop)  if I can get help from family and friends to get rid of the spiders in there (I'm extremely phobic when it comes to those...). I'll also try and get my office in order before September is here. Overall: 67%

    • office: finish reorganizing, archiving and so on. 50%
    • porch entrance: get rid of spiders and webs, spray with repulsive product, deep clean, add to cleaning routine, set coat pegs. 90%
    • workshop: get rid of spiders and webs, spray with repulsive product, deep clean, reorganize. 80%

    Self-improvement: I'll keep learning as a teacher, writer and parent.

    • Teaching early years MOOC: I'll be an active participant through the 6 weeks and implement new ideas at home and in my classes. 89% 
    • Choose next course in August: probably something about teaching again.

    Physical health: I'll try and be more and more active while making sure to give myself enough time to relax too and avoid burning out as a side effect of Hubby's slipped disk.

    • Housework: I'll focus my energy on this to stay active on a daily basis. Since the plan includes rooms we are currently not using and that are either being or about to be renovated, my goal is to reach 90%. Currently, 84%
    • Stretching: I'll stretch every morning to prevent hurting myself while being active (I have a tendency to sprain) That is definitely becoming a routine as I don't need the reminders so much to it.
    • Yoga: I'll try and have a yoga session with my girls at least once a week. For starters, I'll look for the best time slot for this. Still looking for the right time. I'm guessing it will have to be on Sundays as that is the one day we're all home.
    • Abs/Fitness: if there's time and energy (ie if Hubby gets better and life stops happening so much), I'll get down to working on fixing my diastasis recti for good, then going back to fitness.

    Mental health & journalling: I've started a digital journal and will keep using it daily to keep track of my moods, ideas, learning, etc. Later, I'll schedule a lookback time to make sure this is useful. I'll also keep reading about emotional intensity but more on that below. Journalling daily.

    Reading: I'll try to read daily. It's beta-reading but I am reading daily! =D

    Emotional intensity: I'll try and complete this reading and discuss it with Hubby. 51.5%

    Beta-reading a Sci-Fi novel: I'll make notes and send feedback to the writer by mid-August. 54%

    Writer's website: I'll start the new website for sure, and hopefully get my hands on the original one to export it rather than rebuild from scratch. Hubby will help since sitting in the office armchair is the one thing he manages to do without feeling too horrible. 

  • Commentaires

    Dimanche 26 Juillet à 17:19

    Glad you were able to get some time to relax.

      • Dimanche 26 Juillet à 18:04

        Thanks Fallon!

    Dimanche 26 Juillet à 20:54
    Jennette M. Powell

    I need more time to rest than I would like, thanks to my fatigue issues. Usually one day every weekend, which cuts into stuff I want/need to do. But I go with it, otherwise the fatigue gets worse. Good luck with all your goings-on, and hope your husband's back gets better!

      • Lundi 27 Juillet à 06:49

        Thanks Jennette!

        I suppose fatigue is the way the body tells us we need a break, no matter what else we need to do.

    Chris Loehmer Kincai
    Lundi 27 Juillet à 03:14

    Everyone needs a day off once in awhile. Actually I think everyone should take one full day off a week - not that that ever happens in my world! But I think we should at least try for that. Best wishes. 

      • Lundi 27 Juillet à 06:50

        I agree, but our lives don't seem to allow that. And it seems like doing nothing is unacceptable in modern societies, though studies have shown it is beneficial too.

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