• Livre d'or

    Mercredi 28 Octobre 2009 à 14:16
    Chrysalide : bien, très jolie et plus encore ... Mais les autres sont trop difficile à lire sur ce fond noir!
    Si tu pouvais changer la couleur merci
    Mercredi 28 Octobre 2009 à 15:47
    Hop je vais aller éclaircir tout ça de ce pas, merci pour le comm ^_^
    Mercredi 13 Octobre 2010 à 01:25
    Hello! Unfortunetely I wrote this entry way before I took any consideration for using other people's photographs and pictures without their consent, and the one you speak of is not mine. I would have loved to give you permission, but alas you may have to keep searching for the artist. How kind of you to ask! I may have to start taking down pictures though, as I -like you- feel uncomfortable now that I realize that what I'm doing is a bit like stealing.
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