• A l'occasion de la Journée Internationale de Lutte contre l'Homophobie le 17 mai, découvrez le recueil LGBT Love Goes By Two aux éditions Lune Écarlate, recueil auquel j'ai participé avec la nouvelle F/F "Nous nous sommes manquées..."

    Parution imminente : Love Goes By Two

    Bonne lecture. ;)

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  • My first book (published almost a year ago in French) will soon be availbale in English (Kindle edition and paperback)!

    Time for a fresh start for M.J., away from the turmoil and disappointments of her love life. Determined to leave her heart out of her life, the young woman prefers heeding her body, even though it always ends up being attracted to the wrong woman... 

    This "girls only" collection will take you to a world of seduction and sensuousness, where humor and a touch of eroticism can also be found. No boundaries accepted! 
    For mature readers only.


    Here's a little teaser while waiting for its official release. ^^



    "The bar was packed to the walls. It had been a while since she had last gone out. Too blasé. Not enough time. The whole parade of excuses. Even she didn't really know why. Lost her interest maybe? Deep down, she didn't care, and she tried hard not to think too much about those sorts of things. Over-thinking had never done any good.


    The black-eyed girl had got in soon after herself. Thin and brawny, she had small breasts and her body was lean - very androgynous. She wore her hair shoulder-length, elaborately ruffled around her bony face. She had a piercing — a spike labret.

    In theory, M.J. preferred fems: a bit plump, with ample bosoms and long hair... but she found she was more and more attracted to that sort of inaccessible butch types. Was it because she liked trouble? She knew too well that girl was exactly the kind that looks only for casual fun, no strings attached."

    Dark Black Eyes, excerpt from Chapter I. 

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  • A la base, Geiko Monogatari est le titre d'un recueil sur les geishas commencé (ici aussi) depuis un moment. Mais à force de travailler en collaboration avec des gens adorables et atlentueux, on y prend goût !

    C'est pourquoi dès ce weekend, à l'occasion des Rendez-vous de la bande dessinée d'Amiens, sur le stand de l'association Wa-Futsu, Geiko Monogatari va prendre vie sous une forme qui n'était pas celle que j'avais en tête au début mais qui me satisfait bien plus : un fanzine collaboratif où nouvelles, micronouvelles, poésie et dessin entre autres cont se rencontrer.

    Voici la liste des auteurs et artistes :

    - ruichan

    - Vé-èf (http://ve-ef-san.deviantart.com/)

    - Julia Deremy (http://juliak.ultra-book.org/)

    - Chloé

    - Ryô

    - Lilou

    - Marco Polo


    Et en avant première, la couverture :

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